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Shanna Robb 



The Pieces Come Together


Shanna Robb spent her childhood in the beautiful state of Wyoming and attended college in the Big Sky state of Montana.  It is there that she fell in love with nature.  The mountain and streams were Shanna's playground as a child and ultimately became her inspiration as an adult.  

After receiving a degree in Psychology, Shanna planted her roots in the California beach community of Long Beach. A long way from home and stuck in traffic, she found herself longing for fresh mountain air, trees, and stars. 

In 1991, after a successful career in Training & Development for such companies as the Disney Corporation and American Golf, Shanna started a professional organizing business called Breathing Space Organizing and Moving.  Specializing in Estate Management, it is there that she discovered found objects that would later inspire her to create art pieces aimed to incorporate and celebrate the "life" of found objects.  

Fast forward to 1995 and the California mountain community of Idyllwild became Shanna's second home.  In 2009 her husband and she became full-time residents.  Shanna started creating art for sale around 2012 and is now known for her musical instrument inspired artwork series.  She is also sought after for commission pieces in all three art forms. 

​​​​​​Shanna Robb's love affair with color and the optical illusion of depth was ignited in 1991 after creating stained glass center pieces for the tables at her wedding.  After years of tinkering as a part-time self professed “glass person”, Shanna was inspired by her work as a professional organizer to incorporate found objects into one-of-a-kind art pieces. 

With the use of beautiful glass and incorporation of negative space, her mixed media stained glass creations and intricate mosaic pieces each have a story.  The story begins with Shanna and continues with those that give her artwork a home in their world.  

In addition to glass, during the summer of 2014, Shanna became mesmerized by the unknown fluid movement of ink 
on silk. Taking inspiration from the way light brings glass to life, many believe her silk creations surprisingly resemble glass.

All art for sale is original and no two designs are ever duplicated.  This is because Shanna's goal is to design original pieces that invite onlookers to step inside her very own WORLD IN ART.